Brief Introduction of Digital Lectern And Podium

Multimedia podium is a product that integrates the podium with computers, multimedia control systems, video booths, audio equipment, audio and video converters and other electronic products. It uses all steel high-quality materials, electrostatic spray molding treatment, true one lock control, considerate humanized design, precise intelligent control, network anti-theft security design, large capacity internal space, multi-purpose, simple wiring, and has complete external equipment interfaces.

As a podium, the multimedia podium fully requires the standard design of daily podiums and adopts ergonomic principles, which meet the needs of teachers’ teaching. In addition to serving as a regular podium, it also integrates a computer inside and a monitor on its desktop. Due to the adoption of a brand new integrated overall design, the appearance is clean and beautiful, breaking away from the constraints of various connecting wires behind previous PCs. Its unique security and stability make it easy and safe for teachers to operate during the application process.