How to judge the quality of server cabinets

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Firstly, appearance quality is one of the important factors in determining the quality of server cabinets. The surface coating of high-quality server cabinets is uniform, without obvious scratches and bubbles, and the color is bright and not easy to peel off. The edges of the cabinet should be smoothed to prevent scratches on the user. In addition, the docking part and connecting screws of the cabinet should be firm and not easily loose. If there are obvious defects or rough workmanship in the appearance of the cabinet, the quality of this cabinet may be poor and not worth purchasing.


Secondly, the structural design of the cabinet is also one of the important factors in determining the quality. A good server cabinet should have a reasonable structural design that can effectively support the weight of various network devices and maintain stability. The space allocation inside the cabinet should be reasonable, making it convenient for users to store and manage equipment. In addition, the ventilation design of the cabinet is also very important to ensure that the equipment will not overheat during long-term operation. If the structural design of the cabinet is not reasonable, it may lead to equipment damage or poor heat dissipation.


Thirdly, material selection is also one of the key factors in judging the quality of network cabinets. High quality network cabinets are usually made of high-strength steel plates or aluminum alloy materials, which have good durability and stability. The thickness and strength of the steel plate of the cabinet determine its load-bearing capacity and seismic performance. In addition, good cabinets should be treated with anti-corrosion measures to extend their service life. If the cabinet is made of cheap materials, it is prone to rust or deformation, which will greatly reduce the protective performance of the equipment.