How to select network cabinets

19inch racks cabinet data 4uTB

Many people think of a network cabinet as a cabinet for IT equipment, but for the computer itself, it’s not because it has the same important auxiliary features as a UPS power supply. A good cabinet is the foundation for it. Guarantees the normal operation of your computer. Therefore, it is very important to buy the right cabinet. So how do you choose the right cabinet? Let’s take a look at the following network devices.

Select one with a deep vertical depth

When purchasing a network cabinet, choose one with a deep vertical depth. This allows two sets of equipment to be installed face-to-face, making better use of cabinet space and saving corresponding costs.

Select a cable management module

Equipment typically includes network cables, communication cables, and power cables, so having a cable management module in your cabinet will help you store your cables better. In either case, the top and side walls of the cabinet should have enough fixing rings to facilitate cable routing.

Choose strong bearings

As the density of products placed in cabinets increases, a basic requirement for qualified cabinet products is good load bearing capacity. A cabinet that does not meet the specifications cannot effectively protect the equipment in the cabinet due to the poor quality of the cabinet, which can affect the entire system.