Working principle of Server cabinet

Working principle of Server cabinet:

Vortex tubes create vortices from compressed air and divide it into two streams of air – one hot and the other cold. Compressed air enters a cylindrical vortex generator that is larger than the thermal (long) tube that produces rotating air flow. Subsequently, the rotating air flow is forced to enter the interior of the heat pipe at a rotational speed of 1000000 rpm along the wall of the heat pipe. At the end of the heat pipe, a small amount of air is vented through a needle valve in the form of hot air. The remaining air returns at a lower speed through the center of the rotating airflow entering the heat pipe. A hot, slower rotating airflow passes through the rapidly rotating airflow entering the heat pipe. This overspeed cold air flow passes through the center of the generator and releases cold air through the cold air exhaust port.

Heating and dust, moisture, hazardous, explosive, or corrosive substances cause malfunctions in the industrial control electrical system

1. Overheating will cause frequent tripping of the production line under rated load

2. Open heat dissipation causes dust accumulation and increases noise, which violates OSHA standards

3. Blocked air filtration devices must be cleaned or replaced frequently

4. Overheating causes electronic measuring, weighing, counting, or recording instruments to read incorrectly

5. Refrigerators using Freon cannot be used in the food industry

6. Refrigerators using Freon can damage very quickly in harsh factory environments or high temperature environments

7. Electrical air conditioners can produce condensate that damages the internal components of the box

8. Electrical air conditioners can cause vibration and damage the internal components of the box