Advantage of Standing Network

The vertical network cabinet is convenient for heat dissipation, including a base plate. The upper surface of the base plate is provided with a cabinet body, and the inner port of the sliding ring is connected with operating gloves. The operating gloves are made of dust-free rubber material. The interior of the cabinet body is divided into an upper equipment placement area and a lower dust removal gas generation area through a partition.

The partition is provided with multiple ventilation holes, and the interior of the dust removal gas generation area is provided with an ion gas generator and a gas delivery pump, The outlet port of the gas delivery pump is arranged vertically upward, and the top of the cabinet body is provided with an exhaust port. A heat dissipation fan is arranged inside the exhaust port, and a sliding cover is arranged above the exhaust port. In this utility model, the charged gas output by the ion gas generator and the gas delivery pump can effectively blow away the charged dust attached to the equipment, and cooperate with the heat dissipation fan to achieve heat dissipation. The entire device has a simple structure and is convenient to use, Reduces the possibility of network equipment failure due to poor heat dissipation