Extended functionality of Digital Podium For Teaching

Extended functionality of Digital Podium For Teaching

1. Desktop computer function expansion and external device interface: The podium integrates a computer startup switch, an external computer optical drive, a 220V power supply, and is equipped with a GD-WJ105 external module equipped with USB, HDMI, audio and video signal input interfaces, and network interfaces. Equipped with complete installation accessories.


2. Intelligent control power supply: In the absence of central control, it has the function of automatically turning on multimedia power when opening the podium door, and delaying 4 minutes when closing the podium door to turn off the entire multimedia device power.


3. Anti theft alarm function: It can seamlessly upgrade the anti theft alarm system, and has an anti theft alarm function that emits an alarm sound when the door is pried or not closed by external force when the projector is cut or disconnected.


4. IC/ID card management system: It can seamlessly upgrade the IC/ID card system, making it easy to use the multimedia system with just one card. It requires a built-in IC/ID card reader with beautiful appearance, more stable performance, and security.


5. Table Lighting control system: table Lighting control system can be upgraded.


6. Combination installation cabinet: Choose a compact combination installation cabinet and a computer host fixing rack (adjustable height according to the computer host), a combination cable rack and cable slot, and the equipment in the podium is easy to disassemble during installation and maintenance, clean and tidy, with smooth lines.