How to maintain the network cabinet?

Regular maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of the network cabinet. So, how to maintain the network cabinet correctly?

Network Communication Cabinet 36u
1. Maintain the network cabinet at least once a month, and make maintenance records.

2. The gears of the network cabinet are prone to dust, and the gears should be cleaned during maintenance to ensure that the gears are kept clean.

3. Check whether there is a deviation in the gap between the teeth at the punching point of the network cabinet, and adjust it.

4. Clean up the pollution on the surface of the cabinet in time to prevent the oil, dust, acid, alkali, etc. attached to the surface from corroding the cabinet. Try not to clean the cabinet, just wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.

5. Regularly check the surface of the cabinet to prevent scratches on the surface of the cabinet, causing damage to the passivation film and rusting of the cabinet. Because the network cabinet is made of metal, if it is rusted, even if it does not affect the use, it will reduce the service life of the cabinet.