Installation layout and requirements of equipment inside the server cabinet

Network server cabinet 22u

1. The server cabinet is mainly divided into four areas from top to bottom: AC distribution unit, distribution frame, active equipment, and optical cable terminal box.


2. The AC power distribution unit is placed at the top of the Network server cabinet for safety requirements.


3. The voice and network distribution frame is installed in an easy to operate position and placed under the AC power distribution unit.


4. The active equipment area is located below the distribution frame: Similar equipment is arranged according to their functions and cable connection needs, such as switches, routers, optical terminals, and bridges, which are connected one by one. In order to prevent signal line crossing and easy maintenance of functional areas, the best sorting order from bottom to top is optical terminals ->bridges ->routers ->switches. Large equipment is installed under the cabinet and is supported by cabinet trays. Fiber optic transceivers, due to their small size and large quantity, cannot be fixed and installed inside the cabinet, and are also installed on pallets.


5. Place the fiber optic cable terminal box on the bottom layer and also install it on the tray.