Intelligentization of server cabinet

For the occasions where the data center machine room has high requirements for the operation environment and safety of the server cabinet, the cabinet with intelligent system is required to meet the relevant requirements. The main intelligence is reflected in the diversification of monitoring functions:


(1) Temperature and humidity monitoring function

The intelligent cabinet system is equipped with temperature and humidity detection devices, which can intelligently monitor the temperature and humidity of the internal environment of the regulated power supply system, and display the monitored temperature and humidity values on the monitoring touch screen in real time.


(2) Smoke detection function

The fire protection status of the intelligent server cabinet system is detected by installing smoke detectors inside the intelligent cabinet system. When there is an abnormal situation inside the intelligent cabinet system, the relevant alarm status can be displayed on the display interface.


(3) Intelligent cooling function

The user can set the group temperature range for the regulated power supply system according to the temperature environment required for the operation of the equipment in the cabinet. When the temperature in the regulated power supply system exceeds this range, the cooling unit will start automatically.


(4) System status detection function

The intelligent cabinet system itself has LED indicator display of its working status and data information acquisition alarm, and can be displayed directly on the LCD touch screen, with beautiful and clear interface.


(5) Smart device access function

The intelligent cabinet system has access to intelligent equipment, including intelligent power meter or UPS uninterruptible power supply, and reads corresponding data parameters through RS485/RS232 communication interface and Modbus communication protocol, and displays them on the screen in real time.


(6) Relay dynamic output function

When the linkage of the pre-designed system logic is received by the intelligent cabinet system, it will send a normally open/normally closed message to the DO channel of the hardware interface to drive the equipment connected to it to work, such as audible and visual alarm, fan and other equipment.