Network communication equipment rack 42u
Network server cabinet 42u


42u IT server racks IT equipment racks 42u server cabinet Network communication equipment rack 42u Network telecommunications room equipment cabinet

Brand Name: GO-METAL
Product name: 19-inch network cabinet, server cabinet
Material: SPCC cold rolled steel
Thickness:Mounting profile:2.0mm,others:1.0mm (Or customized)
Color:RAL9004(Black),RAL7035(Light Grey)
Loading Capacity:800kgs
Surface treatment: pickling, degreasing, phosphating, electrostatic spraying
Accessories(Standard): fan, tray, screw, PDU,wheels,adjustable feet.
Product function: install network equipment, switches, routers, KVM, power amplifiers, computers, patch panels and some standard network equipment.
Product standard:Comply with ANSI/EIARS-310-D,DIN41491;PART1,IEC297-2,DIN41494;PART7,GB/T3047.2-92 standard.Compatible with metric ETSI and 19 inch international standard
Product size: 600*1000*2000,800*1000*2000