Production Development of Network Cabinet

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The network cabinets used in the early days were mostly made of castings or angle steel connected or welded into a cabinet frame through screws, rivets, and then covered with a cover plate (door) made of thin steel plate. This type of cabinet has been phased out due to its large size, bulkiness, and simple appearance. With the use of transistors and integrated circuits, as well as the miniaturization of various components and devices, the structure of cabinets is also developing towards miniaturization and building blocks.

The network cabinet has evolved from a full panel structure in the past to a plug-in box and plug-in structure with a certain size series. The assembly and arrangement of plug-in boxes and plugins can be divided into two categories: horizontal arrangement and vertical arrangement. Network cabinets are generally made of thin steel plates, various cross-sectional shapes of steel profiles, aluminum profiles, and various engineering plastics. The framework of the network cabinet is not only connected by welding and screws, but also adopts bonding technology.