Structure of Digital Lectern And Podium

Structure of Digital Lectern And Podium:

1. Material: Made of domestic high-quality steel with a thickness of 1.0-1.2, DC03 special plate is designed with a full steel structure that is anti-theft, fireproof, and anti-static. The surface is treated with acid pickling, phosphating, rust prevention, and electrostatic spraying, making it sturdy and durable.


2. Size: Overall size: 1400 long × Width 700 × Height 900mm;


Booth size: 580 long × Width 500 × The height of 60-210 mm can be adjusted according to the size of the customer’s booth.


3. Platform structure: The central control area is located on the left side of the platform and is equipped with a protective door. After opening the door, the door becomes a workbench, with a keyboard embedded design. The central control area can be equipped with a 15-21 inch LCD display (adjustable angle), a central control area, an external computer optical drive, an external power supply, and an external module for a laptop. The display and desktop interface are not visible when the platform is closed. The Document camera area is located on the right, and you can use the physical exhibition stand by gently pushing it to the right; The Independence Gate of the lower cabinet is designed to facilitate teachers to store items, and the table top can also be used for experiments.


4. Podium lock: The entire podium can be opened with one key or one card, and then all doors of the podium can be opened.


5. Terrace: Terraces can be selected according to the height of the school podium.


6. Safety design: The corners of the podium adopt beautiful arc transitions, with professional grounding protection to prevent equipment leakage and ensure safe use.


7. Convenience of installation and maintenance: There is a dedicated maintenance door at the back of the podium for installation and maintenance, and there is a wiring slot. The equipment wiring can be completed at the back.


8. Support standing and sitting teaching: Support.


9. Certificate: Quality Management System Certification ISO9001:2015; Environmental Management System Certification ISO14001:2015; Occupational Health Management System Certification ISO45001:2018; The certification scope must include a multimedia teaching platform, a copy of supporting documents (product appearance and utility model patent certificate), and product drawings