The difference between network cabinet and server cabinet

The network cabinet is a rectangular cabinet consisting of a frame and a cover. Switches, fiber optic adapters, fiber optic distribution frames and other equipment can be installed in a cabinet. It has superior electromagnetic isolation, sound insulation, ventilation and heat dissipation, anti-vibration, corrosion resistance, etc., as well as easy installation and maintenance, easy management, and high safety. , which can ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment. Widely used in network integrated wiring, computer room, radio and television and other fields.

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At present, many people confuse network cabinets with server cabinets, thinking that they are a kind of cabinet. In fact, there are still differences between network cabinets and server cabinets. The main differences are reflected in the following two aspects:

server cabinets

1. Their purposes are different. Server cabinets are generally used to install servers, monitors and other equipment to provide a stable and good working environment for electronic equipment. The network cabinet is mainly used to install routers, switches, fiber optic distribution boxes, fiber optic adapters and other equipment.

2. The size of the two is different. The server cabinet is made according to the standard of the rack server, and has specific industry standard specifications. The general size is 2048*600*1100mm; while the network cabinet size is generally 2048*800*1100mm, and different types of cabinets can also be customized.