The main purpose of the wall cabinet in the data center machine room

The main purpose of the wall cabinet in the data center machine room:

In the traditional concept, the traditional definition of the cabinet in the data center machine room is a carrier of the server, network equipment and other equipment in the data center machine room. With the development of data center-road, is there any change in the use of the cabinet in the data center machine room? yes , we have. These factories that focus on computer room products have given more functions to the cabinet for the development of data center computer room.


1、 Improve the overall beauty of the machine room and various appearances

Based on the standard of 19-inch equipment installation width, many manufacturers have innovated the appearance of the wall cabinet, taking into account the appearance effect of the cabinet in the environment of single and multiple placement. Take Dinglong Company for example, they have added aluminum profile cabinet from the appearance, and designed a variety of appearances on the basis of the original steel profile cabinet, such as arc mesh door cabinet, bow mesh door cabinet, concave-convex mesh door cabinet, etc.


2、 Intelligent air supply cabinet to save energy consumption in machine room operation

Users must solve the following problems: communication equipment will accumulate a large amount of heat in the cabinet due to heating during operation, which affects the stable operation of the equipment. Intelligent air supply cabinet can adjust the configuration of each cabinet, avoid unnecessary waste, save initial investment and energy consumption, and bring greater value to users. In addition, the value of intelligent air supply cabinet products is also reflected in the full load support for equipment. Generally speaking, the traditional cabinet cannot be fully equipped with server equipment. Once a large number of cabinet equipment are installed, it is likely to cause the local overheating of the cabinet and cause the server crash in the cabinet. Each cabinet in the intelligent air supply cabinet is independent. The equipment can be cooled and conditioned according to the operation of the equipment in the cabinet itself to realize the full load operation of the cabinet, thus saving the space requirements of the computer room and reducing the cost.