The type of Multimedia podium

Injection molded multimedia podium

This type of multimedia podium is mainly made of ABS engineering plastic and high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. Some manufacturers also install solid wood handrails on both sides of the podium during design, and the desktop is embedded with solid wood, making it more beautiful and elegant. Compared with ordinary multimedia platforms, this kind of multimedia platform is more changeable in color selection and similar to the Rostra in shape, so it is also suitable for meeting rooms, studios and other environments.

Left and right horizontal push type multimedia podium

This type of multimedia podium is mainly made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, characterized by a left and right flat push opening method for the desktop. The main types are double-layer flat push and single-layer flat push, and the most common specifications are length, width, and height of 1400mm × 700mm × 900mm and 1200mm × 650mm × Two types of 900mm. This type of multimedia podium has a long history of use and a high market share, making it a relatively classic multimedia podium. The main advantage is that the desktop is flat, making it convenient for teachers to conduct physical and chemical experiments, place items, and so on on

Flip up and push back multimedia podium

The materials used for this type of multimedia platform are mostly high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, and they are also made of iron plates. The main feature is that the desktop opening method adopts the method of flipping the top cover up and pushing it back, which requires a lot of force and causes certain difficulties for female teachers with weaker physical strength. The common specifications for this type of multimedia podium are 1400mm in length, width, and height × 750mm × 1000mm, 1200mm × 750mm × Two types of 1000mm. The flip up and push back multimedia podium has always played an important role in the development of multimedia podiums, and is the earliest type of multimedia podium.

Flip type multimedia podium

This type of multimedia platform has not appeared for a long time, but it is also very popular in the market. The main feature of this type of multimedia podium is its small size, and the desktop is designed with a flip cover shape. The keyboard, mouse, center console, etc. are directly locked on the desktop. After unlocking, the cover can be opened to use the multimedia podium. The main specifications are 1100 * 730 * 1000mm in length, width, and height. This type of multimedia podium has a simple design and uses fewer materials, mainly high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, which are simple and practical

Other types of multimedia platforms

In addition to the above types of multimedia platforms, with the development of the times, various new types of multimedia platforms are emerging in the upper market, with diverse shapes and materials. There is no unified classification for specific names, and each manufacturer has their own model of products.

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