The type of TV bracket

Introduction to Three Types of  TV bracket


The first type is a mobile tv trolley stand motorized cart. The so-called mobile TV stand is a TV stand that can be freely moved through the underground moving rollers of the TV stand. Advantages: High load-bearing capacity, strong stability, suitable for various TV viewing needs.


Suitable for: For friends with large-sized TVs and large household environments, this type of TV is optional. It is movable and can be adjusted to the desired position, making it very convenient to find the right angle for oneself. Places such as corporate video conferences, exhibition halls, front desk receptions, and large-scale mall event displays.


The second type: floor to ceiling art support. The biggest difference between this type of bracket and a mobile TV bracket is that it is not movable, but the overall appearance is relatively high, and the base is usually three or four legged.


Advantages: High aesthetic value, high stability, and high load-bearing capacity. Disadvantage: The position and placement of the TV are fixed and cannot be selected. Suitable for: Large units with spacious home environments


The third type: cantilever TV bracket, also known as TV bracket. Simply put, this type of hanger (bracket) is composed of a cantilever.


Advantages: It can meet our viewing needs from different perspectives, mainly because this hanging bracket (bracket) is composed of cantilevers and can be adjusted at any angle. The characteristic is that there are multiple viewing angles. Disadvantage: There is only a demand for walls, and of course, the requirements for walls are also relatively high, requiring physical load-bearing walls.


Suitable for: Suitable for all types of households and friends who enjoy convenient cleaning methods.