There are two common methods for making network cable connectors

Firstly, in the Ethernet network we use, the minimum transmission boundary quality is Category 5 twisted pair. It consists of 4 pairs of 8 cores. We only use 4 (2 pairs) of them for data transmission, leaving 4 (2 pairs) of lines. So we can use the remaining four lines to transmit data. In this way, two users can simultaneously connect to the network cable. We usually don’t use it this way.


After understanding the principle of the separator, we should understand that the separator manufactured by the network center still allows users to enjoy the circuit independently. It divides the 8 lines in the network line into two lines to transmit data, so it does not affect the user’s network speed and bandwidth. This is fundamentally different from the usual way of purchasing branch connectors from outside. Therefore, this will not prevent users connected to the same pair of delimiters from accessing each other.


Secondly, the composition of the separator

Separators are used in pairs. A pair of separators consists of two separators.


The separator consists of two crystal heads and a module. Two crystal heads are connected to the module through twisted pair cables. One of the crystal heads is arranged in four rows: blue, blue and white, brown and white, and brown, located in slots 1, 2, 3, and 6 of the crystal head. Another type of crystal head arrangement is to have four green, white, green, orange, white, and orange wires in slots 1, 2, 3, and 6 of the crystal head. The same applies to the other pair of separators.


Thirdly, use a splitter

Both the user terminal and the switch require a splitter. If both ends of the network cable are crystal plugs, connect the crystal plugs on both sides to the two separator modules. Usually, longer separators are placed on the user side, while shorter separators are placed on the switch side. The two crystal heads of the separator on the machine room end are inserted into the two ports of the switch, and the two crystal heads of the separator on the user end are connected to two users respectively.


Fourthly, precautions and judgments for using separators

1. A separator should only be used when there is no problem with the twisted pair (without disconnecting the 8-core wire).


2. A pair of separators is equivalent to turning a twisted pair into two straight wires. Therefore, the crystal heads of the blue, blue-white, brownish white, and brown row methods correspond to the crystal heads of the blue, blue-white, brownish white, and brown row methods on the other end. Please pay attention to this issue when using and testing the quality of the separator.


3. The detection method of the separator is the same as that of ordinary twisted pair cables.


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