What is a network cabinet

A network cabinet is a rectangular cabinet composed of a frame and a cover plate, which can install switches, fiber optic adapters, fiber optic distribution frames, and other equipment in one cabinet. It has electromagnetic isolation, noise isolation, ventilation and heat dissipation, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, and other performance, ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the equipment, as well as the convenience and safety of installation, maintenance, management, and other operations. It is widely used in fields such as network cabling, computer rooms, broadcasting and television.


The function of the network cabinet is not only to reduce the footprint of the equipment mentioned above, but also to:


1. It can effectively improve the overall aesthetics of the computer room; The 19 inch design of the network cabinet can accommodate a large number of network devices, simplify the layout of the computer room, and improve the aesthetics of the computer room.


2. It can effectively ensure the safety and stability of the equipment. The cooling fan of the network cabinet can send the heat emitted by the equipment during operation out of the cabinet, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the equipment.


In addition, the network cabinet can also enhance electromagnetic shielding, reduce working noise, and even filter air.