What is Multimedia podium

A Multimedia podium is a product that integrates a desk with a computer. As a desk, Multimedia podiums are designed to meet the standards of daily desks and adopt ergonomic principles, meeting the needs of physical growth for primary and secondary school students. In addition to serving as a regular desk, it also integrates a computer inside and a monitor on its desktop. Due to the adoption of a brand new integrated overall design, the digital desk has a clean and beautiful appearance, breaking away from the constraints of various connecting wires behind previous PCs. Its unique security and stability make students operate easily and safely in the application process. In addition, a Multimedia podium is adopted, with all PC components enclosed inside the desk, which compensates for the disadvantage of easy disassembly of the PC and maximizes the prevention of computer component loss.

Nowadays, computers are no longer a rarity in school. Many schools not only have computer rooms, but also have computers in their classrooms to assist in teaching. However, due to the active nature of primary and secondary school students, many computers placed in the classroom are threatened with being knocked over or knocked down. It is also well known that computers generate radiation, which can pose a certain health threat to students. In this situation, digital desks have also emerged.

Correspondingly to digital desks, there is currently a device called a digital podium, which operates on the same principle as a digital desk, but has a larger capacity. It is designed according to the appearance of the podium. Electronic podium desk Electronic podium desk.