What is the reason for the wrinkling of the network cabinet

The network cabinet is used to combine the installation panel, plug-in, plug-in box, electronic components, devices and mechanical parts and components to form an integrated installation box. According to the type, there are server cabinet, wall-mounted cabinet, network cabinet, standard cabinet, intelligent protection outdoor cabinet, etc. The capacity value is between 2U and 42U.


The newly sprayed paint has poor leveling performance and looks like orange peel, which is called orange peel or wrinkling.


1) The paint spraying viscosity is too high.

2) The drying speed of diluent is too fast.

3) The spraying pressure is too high or too low.

4) The nozzle size is too large.

5) The ambient temperature is too high or too low, and the temperature of the coating to be used is too low.

6) Too many additives are added to the paint to be used.



1) Adjust the viscosity of the coating to the appropriate level according to the instructions.

2) The type and quantity of diluent are determined according to environmental temperature, workpiece size and air flow rate.

3) Add high boiling point solvent, reduce spray chamber temperature, strictly control viscosity, air pressure, etc., and have enough natural leveling time after spraying.

4) The ideal ambient temperature for spraying is about 20 ° C, and the storage temperature should be above 15 ° C. 5) Slight orange peel can be removed by polishing. If the situation is serious, the surface needs to be polished and re-painted.